Governors Information

Governors Information

Ruby Country Hub as part of Dartmoor Multi Academy Trust, consists of  Bradford Primary School, Bridgerule Primary School, Black Torrington Primary School and Highampton Primary School.

For information about Dartmoor Multi Academy Trust, our Trustees and our governance structure, please visit the link below.

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The Advocate role replaces that of a ‘traditional’ school governor within primary schools in the Dartmoor Multi Academy Trust.
Advocates are there to provide assurance that:

  • the strategic vision of the Dartmoor Multi Academy Trust – ‘to provide the highest possible education for all local children, in order to ensure pupils from all backgrounds are able to succeed’ is being enacted
  • stakeholders in the school (parents, pupils, staff and community) are listened to, respected and involved and this is evident through the lived experience of the school

Black Torrington Primary School is supported by:
1 Community Advocate – Vacant

1 Foundation Advocate – Vacant
1 Parent & Pupil Advocate – Vacant

Trustees oversee Primary Advocates through the Primary Advocacy Board. The Chair is Emma Neath.

Minutes of Primary Advocacy Board meetings can be seen on the Trust website.

Primary Advocacy Board Meetings

​Interested in filling an Advocate vacancy? Please contact our governance team on: