Curriculum Vision

Curriculum Vision

For more information about any area of our curriculum, please feel free to speak to your child’s class teacher or Principal Miss Sunita Chauhan.


Our Curriculum has been designed to ensure each and every child can ‘ Nurture, Flourish and Succeed..’ by offering stimulating and awe-inspiring learning experiences with our school values at its heart.

It is bespoke to the needs of the pupils at Bradford Primary School, not only by focussing on appropriate subject specific knowledge, skills and understanding as set out in the National Curriculum but by developing individual and collaborative learning experiences, a positive growth mind set, a sense of responsibility and challenges that take them beyond the classroom.

We are a small village school with a constantly evolving curriculum which responds to the needs of learners and their interests by enhancing learning experiences and raising awareness from the local area to national and global arenas. Thus, we will develop outward looking pupils who are able to engage in learning about themselves and have an understanding of the wider world and its complex cultures.

Ultimately our curriculum has four features:

  • is ambitious for all pupils;
  • is carefully and coherently planned and sequenced;
  • is successfully adapted, designed and developed for pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities;
  • is broad and balanced for all pupils.


Through quality teaching of knowledge and skills coupled with a strong focus on vocabulary across core and foundation subjects, all children will be challenged to be inquisitive, compassionate, courageous and creative learners. They will have opportunities to influence their own learning through age appropriate and progressive themes and topics. Effective learning characteristics including being ambitious, reflective and imaginative will drive teaching and learning.


Our children will have a confident set of skills, knowledge and values which will give them the tools they need to flourish and succeed in education and life. In short they will learn more, remember more, enjoy more and develop more spiritually, socially and emotionally enabling them to be ready for their next stage in education.

English covers different genres of fiction and non fiction writing, as well as speaking and listening, reading, grammar, spelling and handwriting. In Class 1 pupils take part in daily phonics lessons. We follow Read Write Inc as our systematic synthetic phonics scheme which gives the children excellent building blocks for their future reading, writing and spelling work. We also use resources from Phonics Play.

We use a number of reading schemes such as Read Write Inc books, Rigby Star and Dandelion Launchers which link to the coloured book band system. Children’s books for home reading are selected by individual children with the support of staff, thus ensuring that a wide range of genres is covered and that the reading material is of an appropriate level. In key stage 2 pupils then move onto free reading but are still monitored and supported by staff.

Mathematics is delivered through a Mastery curriculum framework  supported by the White Rose Scheme of Work. Children are provided daily opportunities to build on key knowledge and facts and develop their reasoning, investigative and problem solving skills.

At the beginning of each term parents/carers are supplied with an overview of the topics to be covered in a curriculum overview.

Curriculum Guarantee

Bradford Primary School believes in the strength of collaboration and working together, as part of our local community, with our cluster schools and across the Trust. We have designed a curriculum guarantee that sets out the experiences and skills our children will have the opportunity to access across the curriculum and beyond.

Curriculum Guarantee – 40 things to do before you leave Bradford Primary School

Phonics booklet for Parents

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EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) Curriculum

Curriculum Statement for EYFS

National Curriculum for Years 1 to 6

Curriculum Overview for Years-1-6