Black Torrington

Primary School

Church Of England Primary School

Black Torrington Primary School

Black Torrington is a tiny, close knit school community with a warm and nurturing atmosphere and a focus on challenging  ourselves to be the best we can be in every area of life. We are a Church school, so although there is no expectation that our children are actively religious, our school culture is underpinned by a strong moral purpose and spirituality is important to us.

Why choose Black Torrington?

Every child at Black Torrington is a very important part of our school family. Because we are so tiny, all the adults in school are able to give each child lots of individual time and we are proud of the relationships we have with each one.  Children who are quiet –perhaps anxious or dislike crowds of people- thrive in our setting. We are great for only children, since our pupils build  sibling-like  relationships with their older and younger peers. We are also a musical school, with weekly recorder and hand bell lessons, daily singing and weekly music lessons led by one of our teachers who is a music specialist. Many of our families are drawn from the local farming community, so we make the most of these links, celebrating the  fantastic knowledge and skills many of our children bring to school.

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